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Youth Paddle Board Review

Paddle Boarding is definitely good fun for the whole family.  Of course adults of all ages love the sport and what’s not to love?  But in terms of equipment, kids get the short end of the stick.  Adults have hundreds of boards to choose from with loads of accessories.  From inflatables to racing boards,

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Tower Inflatable Paddle Board Review

CLICK HERE to win a FREE Tower Inflatable Paddleboard! Tower Paddle Boards is the undisputed king of paddle board sales.  With their wide selection of paddle boards to their massive online and media presence, there is no doubt that that they are the first company you find when you are introduced to the sport.

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Wavestorm Paddleboard Review

Whether you are new to the sport of paddleboarding or you are an experienced surfer or paddler, you have no doubt come across the Wavestorm sup.  Wavestorm has, for ten years, been a sales titan in the world of surf and in fact is the most popular surfboard in America.  With their history and

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California Board Company Review

If you are new to paddle boarding you may have had some serious sticker shock.  Paddle boards average in price around $1000 and can reach prices in the many thousands of dollars.  No way can a beginner be expected to fork over that kind of money, especially if they aren’t even sure about the

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