Watch this man rescue a young dolphin

Naude Dreyer, a tour guide for Pelican Point Kayaking, recently came across a young benguela dolphin washed ashore and in distress.  Naude and his friends took some measurements of the animal and tried to determine if the dolphin was even still alive. It seemed like the dolphin was just barely alive and Naude

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Florida Man Lands a Giant 7ft Grouper on a Paddleboard

We all know paddleboard fishing is fun but Captain Ben Chancey has had enough sup fishing fun for a lifetime.   Last July Captain Ben was paddleboard fishing off the coast of Florida when he snagged almost more than he could handle on the line, a 7 foot long Goliath Grouper.  This would

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A winter paddle boarding adventure in Norway

You have to watch this amazing video   This January sup riders Kai-Nicolas Steimer and Lena Albrecht proved that you have no excuse to not go paddle boarding.  Kai and Lena, starving for adventure, traveled to Norway to go on a paddle boarding adventure.  And what an adventure it was.   Temperatures were

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